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G e n e r a l  Q u e s t i o n s:

Where are our servers located?
  Our servers are located in California, USA. Our Office is located in India. The WHOIS data gives information regarding the company and not about our servers.
How long have you been in business and are you reliable ?
  ComputingHost was launched on 10 October, 2004.

ComputingHost has been operating a local Web Hosting business in India.

ComputingHost provides hosting to thousands of free sites hosted by Trap17, AstaHost and Qupis. Thjs gave us opportunity to deal with abuses, phishing, bruteforces etc. which inturn gave us a good experience in server security. We have been using this experience to protect our customers data and ensuring them a greater level of satisfaction.

ComputingHost has successfully dispatched its first advertising server project in 2005.

In 2007, We researched and dispatched our first cluster project successfully delivering 10 Million hits a day.

Not a single customer of ComputingHost till date has ever complained about his money being ever retained by us. We have always been honest with our customers and believe in earning every penny by genuine service, honesty and hard work.

ComputingHost is a member company of Xisto and with a strong backbone and support, Our clients are assured that their work is in safe hands. Customer satisfaction has been and will always be our prime priority.
Why do you have all features called "unmetered" ? What does it mean?
  We don't say we provide Unlimited features, because there is no such thing called unlimited. All servers have limitations. Generally, When web hosts say that, they provide unlimited features, they actually mean, they don't cap them and it is rather Un-METERED.
So, Having Unmetered add-on and parked domains mean, I can host as many sites as I want with just one account ?
  Yes, However, Each account will _NOT_ have its own Cpanel. For such type of a feature, you will have to go for reseller hosting.
How come Windows Accounts also provide PHP and CGI, Why should I opt for Linux based hosting?
  If your site uses php, perl, MySQL etc, We recommend using Linux Hosting. These technologies provide much faster performance on Linux servers and are more stable. Windows server will *not* have Extensive Add-on Modules and Extensions for these languages. Running those applications on Windows server can be risky and might open security holes for hackers to abuse.

Windows Hosting is recommended for users who are planning to deploy their website coded with ASP and other Windows based technologies. However, PHP and CGI function is provided for members to run simple scripts and applications.

Are there any contracts ? What if I want to terminate ? How long does it take to process refunds (money back guarantee) ?
  There are no Contracts. Clients are free to terminate whenever they want. We do not force them to complete any paperwork. Incase, the client wishes to terminate before 30 days from the date of signup, Full 100% refund will be processed and sent back to the client within 2 working days.

The domains registered through us have their separate Control panel and Clients can easily manage it without having to transfer them elsewhere.

Domain registration charges are not covered in the money back guarantee.

Why don't I get CPanel Control panel  for Windows Accounts?
  CPanel Control panel is available only for Linux Servers. Windows accounts have another Control panel called Helm.
How long does it take to setup an account at ComputingHost?
  Once payment is received, your account is activated instantly. However, If you may have to wait for your domain to propagate to our servers. *Due to ongoing issues of fraudulent payments, We have installed strict security checks. Instant Activations are subject to the availability of our Sales Techs.
Is it possible to upgrade/downgrade my account?
  Yes. Upgrade/downgrade depends on the payment terms you have selected.

Monthly Payment Terms :Your account will be upgraded immediately as soon as we receive your confirmation. You will be billed according to the new plan charges from the next month. Upgrades are processed at no Additional cost.

Quarterly/Semi-Annual/Annual Payment terms : A re-calculation of your billing will be done as per monthly charge for your package and you will be asked to pay the remaining amount. 

You will have to contact sales dept., for more information.

Who do I contact, in case I have a billing problem?
  Contact our billing department at the following address :-
billing (at) computinghost (dot) com

What control panel is offered with our hosting packages?
  1. Linux Accounts : Cpanel
  2. Windows Accounts : HSphere

How do I log into my control panel (cPanel)?

  Go to http://your ip/cpanel. Or you can access it by typing Either way will enable you to login into your control panel.
I have been notified that my account is set up, but my site is still not active?
  If it has been more than 48 hours and you are still not able to access your website then check that you pointed your site to the right DNS server. If the problem is still persisting it is probably that your ISP's DNS servers have not updated yet.
What DNS should my domain name be pointed to?
  Your email will detail which of our DNS servers you should point your domain to. You will be told in your welcome letter which nameservers to use.
Can I get a dedicated IP address?
  Yes, we do offer IP addresses, although we do follow ARIN guidelines. Most of the time you will be granted an IP address if you are going to use SSL. If you are able to justify your use of an IP address then you will be billed an extra USD $3.5/month.
Does email or FTP traffic count towards my bandwidth limit?
  Yes, all incoming/outgoing traffic counts towards your limit.
What happens if I exceed my allotted bandwidth allowance?
  Once you exceed you limit your account will be suspended. You can keep track of your bandwidth usage through cPanel. Suspended accounts get un-suspended automatically after the month end.
Can I edit MySQL database tables without creating applications?
  Yes, you can use phpMyAdmin included in cPanel to edit MySQL tables.
Do you support CGI/Perl Scripts?
  Yes, every site comes with its own CGI-BIN which allows you to run your own Perl scripts.
Do you support PHP?

Yes, we support PHP and MySQL.

Do you support webmail?
  Yes, we support webmail. You can login into your webmail using: Please include your full email address as the user name. You have the choice of using Horde, Neomail, or SquirrellMail.
Will you place ads on my site?
  No, we do not place any forms of advertising on your website.
Will I be able to send and receive email through ComputingHost ?
  Yes. You can configure unlimited number of Email Accounts. There is an auto-configuration script with which can configure Outlook Express so that you can send and receive e-mails directly.

What methods of payment do you accept?


We accept all types of major credit cards using PayPal. PayPal enables us to resolve any billing issues as well as provides facilities for easy refunds. If you have further questions regarding payment methods please contact us at or billing (at) Computinghost.

Will ComputingHost transfer a domain for me?
  We do not transfer domains for you. You must point the domain name at the name server included in your server configuration. We do register domains for you at a cost of USD $9.95 (.com, .net, .org).
Do you have 24/7/365 support ?

Yes. We have Online Helpdesk (Ticket System). Please check out our Support Page.

What is the charge for going over your allotted bandwidth?
  The charge for bandwidth overage is $1.00 per 3 GB.
Do you have CPanel available on your servers?
Do you allow Adult Content on your servers?
  Yes, legal adult content is allowed on our servers.
Do you allow IRC services on your servers ?
  No, we do not allow any type of IRC services on our network.
How many mail accounts can I create on my hosting account?
  You can create as many mail accounts as you need, you can also setup auto-responders, forwarding, aliasing, and any other mail services.
Do I need an IP for each domain on my server?
  You do not need an IP for each domain on your server; in fact, you only need one IP for the entire server.
Can I get additional IP addresses?

Yes you may get additional IP addresses, please contact us and we can let you know the pricing depending on how many IP addresses you require. All IP addresses have to justified to ARIN.


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