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Our Virtual private servers (VPS web hosting) are optimized to harness the complete power our servers. No Overselling with TINY accounts to fit in more VPS panels for higher profits! VPS setup itself takes lot of resources and we give more importance to Quality than Quantity. So you can trust us with your Web Hosting business while we manage the servers round the clock for you.

VPS has many benefits over a dedicated Server.Cheap VPS hosting

  1. Low Cost: A virtual private server gives you the functionality of a dedicated server at a fraction of the cost.

  2. Managed Solutions : We manage the important upgrades and patches. So you need not worry about managing your vps.

  3. A virtual private server gives you root access to the system, this allows you to modify server configuration files, install applications or modify system software, in a shared environment you have to rely on server settings that are 'best fit' for all clients and this may not suit your needs.

  4. Root Access (Security): A VPS is more secure because your files are totally isolated from the other VPS owners. Your files are as safe as storing it on your personal computer. You have complete root access to your Virtual private Server.

  5. Independent Resources : Your resources are not shared. Hence, if we guarantee you 256 MB RAM, This memory cannot be touched by anyone. So, you need not worry about others running high CPU intensive tasks thereby affecting your account.



 RAM This is the Guaranteed RAM which we offer for our VPS Packages. Every VPS package comes with a set amount of guaranteed RAM ensuring your VPS Stability.
 BURSTABLE RAM  Bursting means that while you are always guaranteed a certain amount of system resources for your VPS, far more is available on each box than simply these guarantees. Hence, should you require your loads to spike higher than your guarantees, as long as the resources are available on the box at that time, you can use them, up to your ‘burst’ level. We are constantly monitoring the loads of each server to make sure that nothing is oversold, and that customers always have their guaranteed resources.

You can imagine BURSTABLE memory as your SWAP memory. Whenever your applications need more RAM for crunching that CPU task, your burstable RAM is in hand to assist it. Thereby ensuring a smooth operation for you and your business.
 30 DAY MONEYBACK GUARANTEE! Something which does not need any explanation. :-)
 MANAGED SERVICE  We monitor your ports and check your VPS incase any failure shall occur. Just keep us updated with your ROOT (login) detail so that our Engineers can fix your server incase of any failure.

We monitor your server 24 x 7 x 365.
 99.9% UPTIME GUARANTEE Incase we fail to provide this guaranteed uptime, As per our SLA, We refund your fees for the month!


 FrontPage Extensions
 SSH /Shell Access

 WHM FEATURES OFFERED! ( vps with CPanel whm features )

  1. Server Configuration
    1. Basic cPanel/WHM Setup
    2. Change Root Password
    3. Initial Quota Setup
    4. Server Time
    5. Statistics Software Configuration
    6. Tweak Settings
    7. Update Config
  2. Support
    1. Interactive Knowledge Base
    2. Support Center
    3. Networking Setup
    4. Hostname Nameserver IPs
    5. Resolver Configuration
  3. Security
    1. Fix Insecure Permissions (Scripts)
    2. Manage SSH Keys
    3. Manage Wheel Group Users
    4. Modify Apache Memory Usage
    5. Quick Security Scan
    6. Scan for Trojan Horses
  4. Security Center
    1. Server Contacts
    2. Change System Mail Preferences
    3. Contact Manager
  5. Resellers
    1. Reseller Center
    2. Show Reseller Accounts
  6. Service Configuration
    1. Bandmin Password
    2. Enable/Disable SuExec
    3. Exim Configuration Editor
    4. FTP Configuration
    5. Manage Service Certificates
    6. Nameserver Setup
    7. PHP Configuration Editor
    8. Service Manager
  7. Languages
    1. Additional Language Config
    2. Clone/Create a New Language
    3. Delete a Language File
    4. Download a Language File
    5. Edit a Language File
    6. Upload a Language File
    7. View Installed Languages
  8. Backup
    1. Configuration File Rollback
    2. Configure Backup
    3. Restore Backups
    4. Restore Multiple Backups
    5. Restore a Full Backup/cpmove file
  9. Cluster/Remote Access
    1. Configure Cluster
    2. Setup Remote Access Key
  10. System Reboot
    1. Forceful Server Reboot
    2. Graceful Server Reboot
  11. Server Status
    1. Apache Status
    2. CPU/Memory/MySQL Usage
    3. Server Information
    4. Service Status
  12. Account Information
    1. List Accounts
    2. List Parked Domains
    3. List Subdomains
    4. List Suspended Accounts
    5. Show Accounts over Quota
    6. View Bandwidth Usage
  13. Account Functions
    1. Change Site's IP Address
    2. Create a New Account
    3. Disable or Enable Demo Mode
    4. Email all Users
    5. Install Servlets
    6. Limit Bandwidth Usage
    7. Manage Shell Access
    8. Modify Suspended Account Page
    9. Modify an Account
    10. Password Modification
    11. Quota Modification
    12. Raw Apache Log Download
    13. Raw Ftp Log Download
    14. Rearrange Accounts
    15. Reset Package Bandwidth
    16. Show Active and Inactive Accounts
    17. Skeleton Directory
    18. Suspend/Unsuspend an Account
    19. Terminate an Account
    20. Unsuspend Bandwidth Exceeders
    21. Upgrade/Downgrade an Account
  14. Multi-Account Functions
    1. Change Multiple Sites' IP Addresses
    2. Modify/Upgrade Multiple Accounts
    3. Terminate Multiple Accounts
  15. FrontPage
    1. Install FrontPage Extensions
    2. Install FrontPage Mail Extensions
    3. Uninstall FrontPage Extensions
  16. Transfers
    1. Copy an account from another server
    2. Copy an account from another server with account password
    3. Copy multiple accounts/packages from another server
    4. Review Copied Accounts
  17. Themes
    1. Change WHM Theme
    2. Universal Theme Manager
    3. X Skin Migration Wizard
  18. Packages
    1. Add Packages
    2. Delete Packages
    3. Edit Packages
    4. Feature Manager
  19. DNS Functions
    1. Add a DNS Zone
    2. Add an A Entry for your Hostname
    3. Delete a DNS Zone
    4. Edit DNS Zone
    5. Edit MX Entry
    6. Edit Zone Templates
    7. Establish a Trust Relationship with a Primary Nameserver
    8. Park a Domain
    9. Perform a DNS Cleanup
    10. Setup/Edit Domain Forwarding
    11. Synchronize DNS Records
  20. SQL Services
    1. Additional MySQL Access Hosts
    2. Change a User or Database Password
    3. MySQL Root Password
    4. Postgres Config
    5. Repair a Database
    6. Reset Local MySQL Root Password
    7. Setup Remote MySQL server
    8. Show MySQL Processes
    9. phpMyAdmin
  21. IP Functions
    1. Add a New IP Address
    2. Change Site's IP Address
    3. IP Migration Wizard
    4. Rebuild the IP Address Pool
    5. Show IP Address Usage
    6. Show or Delete Current IP Addresses
    7. Show/Edit Reserved IPs
  22. Disk Drives
    1. Format/Mount a new Hard Drive
    2. Optimize EIDE Hard Drives
  23. Software
    1. Apache Update
    2. Check/Repair a Perl Script
    3. Install a Perl Module
    4. Install a RPM
    5. Module Installers
    6. Rebuild RPM Database
    7. Update Server Software
    8. Update System Software
  24. Email
    1. Mail Queue Manager
    2. Mail Troubleshooter
    3. Repair Mailbox permissions
    4. View Mail Statistics
    5. View Relayers
  25. System Health
    1. Background Process Killer
    2. Show Current CPU Usage
    3. Show Current Disk Usage
    4. Show Current Running Processes
  26. cPanel
    1. Addon
    2.  Scripts (Deprecated)
    3. Branding
    4. Enable/Disable Outlook AutoConfig
    5. Install cPAddons
    6. Manage cPAddons
    7. Modify cPanel/WHM News
    8. Plugins
    9. Reset a Mailman Password
    10. Shopping Cart Reset
    11. Synchronize FTP Passwords
    12. Upgrade to Latest Version
  27. SSL/TLS
    1. Generate a SSL Certificate and Signing Request
    2. Install a SSL Certificate and Setup the Domain
    3. Manage SSL Hosts
    4. Purchase & Install SSL Certificate
    5. SSL Key/Crt Manager
  28. Restart Services
    1. DNS Server (BIND)
    2. E-Commerce Server (Interchange)
    3. FTP Server (ProFTPd/PureFTPd)
    4. HTTP Server (Apache)
    5. IMAP Server
    6. Mail Server (Exim)
    7. POP3 Server
    8. SQL Server (MySQL)
    9. SQL Server (PgSQL)
    10. SSH Server (OpenSSH)



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